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Repealing Amendments and Why

Thanks to Arizona Freedom Alliance - RICHARD LEE

As the Constitution was originally written and all debate is extinguished, our founding fathers decided the four pages in front of them was complete, but not perfect. They felt as time and the Countries growth may cause a need to expand their great work, so the Country could grow with the expansion of it's citizens into the western boundaries that grew and grew along with our forefathers ideals and ambitions.

Section 5 gives the people and States authorization to amend the Constitution as needed by final - vote of those states. Either 2/3 of the Senate or 2/3 of the States must vote "aye" to hold the convention.

These are not easy bars to get over. It was meant to be that way to keep this option for only when it was imperative that a change needs to be made to keep up with our advancement.

In 227 years, we have used the amendment process 17 times. I feel that was 17 times too many.

More on Repelling the 16th and 17th

JBS CEO Art Thompson discusses how none of the Republican candidates for president is talking about repealing the 16th (income tax) and 17th (direct election of senators) Amendments that were ratified in 1913; how the 16th amendment gave the federal government power over individuals; how the 17th amendment destroyed one of the key checks and balances within our system of federalism by taking away the power of each state legislature to appoint two senators to represent its state in the U.S. Senate; and how we must start the process of repealing the 16th and 17th Amendments by waging an "educational war" to point out why this must be done.

Educational War Needed to Repeal 16th & 17th Amendments



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