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World Gov - Collapse of Economy

Housing 2008

The Federal government forced lenders to make loans to folks who could not afford them. The new regulations not only forced the loan industry to forgo the requirement to have %20 down, but to loan up to %120 of the value of the home.

"They" wanted to brag about home ownership; how more people had homes.

Loans are generally sold to loan holding companies in packages.

The poor people could not pay the loans.

Then the government changed how the loans would be valued; the market-to-market accounting method.

The loans were worthless and holding companies needed to be bailed out; well that is what the government thought.

So, in short the government caused the problem!!!

It was no accident. The policies that ultimately caused the problem go back to Jimmy Carter. Somehow the policies got through all the next presidents and George W. Bush was the one to do the bragging just before the house of cards fell.

And of course, the housing market crashed because the market was supported by cheap money rather than higher wages.

This and more is documented in the movie "Inside Job". It is a must see!

INSIDE JOB Official Trailer in HD!

Quantitative Easing Explained

I don't have words to describe how accurate this cartoon is. It points out that this is not just a President Obama problem, but it IS a huge problem!

But it had me laughing. Who every did this video nailed it.

Bernanke and Greenspan Exposed

Sparks Meets with Bernanke and Greenspan

The Federal Reserve is Laundering Money

The Federal Reserve is Laundering Money



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