Anunnaki Short Version

This is short and to the point. An Easy watch.

Unique to this video is the presenter introduces the idea that the Anunnaki were washboard mining gold using the pyramids that are still standing in Mexico.

The Annunaki Were Here - Sizzle Reel

This is a old but good and long video.

As we all know the Anunnaki means: "Those who from Heaven came to Earth"

Anunnaki means also "Angels" And those Angels.

Anunnaki they have in them symbol the "Cross". They are our creators who came from Star system Orion under them flagship the planet NIBIRU of our powerful leader of everything in the Universe called "GOD" of planet SIRIUS. This planet is hearth of God which is also inside of us and every living creature in the Universe.

Anunnaki coming back! YES; yes maybe in a 1000 years.

ANUNNAKI Coming Back. Ancient Technology: The E.T. Connection