Elections are won and lost via local campaigning. The Precinct Committeemen (PC) is the heart of Politics in America. This person goes door to door selling his or her's candidate for whatever.

NOT exactly that way anymore because of tools like Catalist or Arizona Research Project. Now the PC goes to ONLY doors he/she know they can WIN over to their candidate. The PC now know more about the person behind the door than ever before.

A little history behind these tools. The Dems discovered them first, and have won many elections lately.

WORRIES ON TWITTER: Isn't "Catalist," the Democrats micro-targeting GOTV database the answer to why every Fed agency has been engaged in creepy data mining? Read more here "CATALIST": Obama's Database for Fundamentally Transforming America

The sell on TV

The adds on TV are targeted at uninformed voters. Campaigns running the adds hope to sway voters to their candidate with a ridiculous slogan or some bit of data that is suspect.

And this

Anyone spouting Dems vs GOP is misguided. Although, the bitter truth is that Dems vs GOP is the current Consensus Reality today. Sad but true.