Dem vs GOP

The Main Stream media ("They") propagate the two party lie. There are two parties in name only, they both have the same Big Government agenda.

When the two parties battle over what appears to be a difference, "They", the Big Government agenda can thrive.

And what you believe does not matter to THEM. THEY just want you to believe in something; so that you will be trapped in your little box and not interfering with THEIR affairs.

This is How It is DONE!

In this video Dan Grimm identifies the two-party system as a self perpetuating system of monopolizing who gets to run for office. It is a fascinating presentation with much audience participation.

I think it also comes out that the Dems and Republicans are working together. All I know for sure is that the recent presidents have not followed their campaign promises.

Monopolizing Power with the Two Party System

And where is our main stream media on this issue? NOT reporting it! It turns out that "They" are advertising on the Main Stream media. The Main Stream media therefore reports News that will keep themselves in business.

So do you see how "They", the elite, can very easily control the masses? "They" re-engineered the system to work for "THEM" in the last 100 or so years. NOW, it is up to us to expose this. And reclaim our country.

Oh, did I mention our president worked for ACORN as a Community Organizer.

Ben Swann about the decision of several states to prevent third party candidates to participate in debates and why Congress' abysmal approval rating doesn't translate into political change.

Why the Political Establishment is Censoring Third Parties
Interview with Ben Swann

The Tea Party Vilification

Both GOP and Dems are scared of the Tea Party because its values are based in honesty. If the Tea Party movement gains traction, the established GOP and Dems lose "Their" power. So the big parties attack and vilify the Tea Party.

If "They" cannot win the arguments; "They" discredit "Their" opponent. That is straight out right out of Saul Alinsky's book "Rules for Radicals".

What if a Tea Party person wins?

I mean someone that actually tries to bring about real reform; "They" will be assassinated like JFK was.

No matter which Party wins, we are caught holding the bag!

So What If - This thanks to the Western Free Press

If you take-out the Party, you take out the power to hand out goodies to the stupid. Special Interests would have to win over one politician at a time, instead of a couple of Party heads. Winning over politicians one at a time will be so cumbersome that it would be the first time in over 100 years that Special Interest won't be so special.

You have to think it through until you see the links that exists for almost everything that affects We The People. For instance... Just imagine that the Speaker of the House has no party loyalty because there are no longer 'party's'. Same thing for the Senate. Imagine the work that could actually get done in D.C.

What If "They" Are Lying to Us about Ron Paul?

Everything he says is the TRUTH. Wake-Up America!