Free Energy

This was Published on Apr 26, 2014

The conference will offer us in this Cognos Bill 2012 , we will be evident that there has been a cover-up since before the Middle Ages and up to date. We talk Wheel of gravity in the 11th century and make us think that alchemy may well have been cold fusion in the middle ages !

Bill Donovan was born in Chicago , Illinois . Son of Patrick , an engineer, and Virginia, who was a nurse in the Navy and also worked as a technician for Teletype Corporation. His training and principal area of expertise is electronic engineering , having worked in both laboratory and Emerson Electric Linear Corporation in Illinois .

Free energies have always been with us
Wilian Donovan - COGNOS 2013

This next video was Published on Jul 1, 2014

Dan Winter, one of the leading exponents of unified field theories (remember they are theories that bring together various disciplines ... not just physical;)

Science used to involve Space and Time, but now involves Space, Time and Consciousness.

Implosion and new technologies
Dan Winter at COGNOS 2013

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This link is explanation/math behind the above video. Have Fun!The CONJUGATE MIND: Longitudinal Wave Solution to Consciousness, Compression, and the PERFECT FLAME