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Conservatives call the media Mockingbird because of the CIA's operation Mockingbird.











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To read about the virus go here OFR Sumary.com and for more detail go here On Freedom Road . com.

My Objective - With the diligence of "This Little Light Of Mine" - is"We the People" can save this once Great Nation that I love!

This website is huge. So I created ofrsummary.com. It summarizes the high points of American history.

Note: the Intent of this website is to provide the details of what is. My other website, OnFreedomRoad.info, was intented to be a summary of the underlying History. But it got to be too big, also. My Blog - More Than Talk is current events, etc.

Also, I'm warning of an outcome of the current news. The deep state has been identified. Read more at OnFreedomRoad.com.

Find and Understand the Common Ground to Unify

  • Example: We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.
  • Or You don't want to be told what to do!
  • Or Government should have to follow "We the People's" rules.
  • Or People should be able to keep their earnings.

THEY have definitely divided and conquered. Let's use common ground to re-unite. So don't let the rules of THEIR system dictate the boundaries of our discussion, because in this era where alternatives are desperately needed. We the People have to unite to marginalize their ideas and not let them marginalize ours.

Many people like the communist ideas, but don't know they are communist ideas. This happens because our education is indoctrination, not how to think.

the Principle ProblemsRead the page aload

Centralized Education (Common Core) is a Communist tool to indoctrinate people with the party line.Common Corere-writes our History. If you only go to one page on this website, this is the one I'd want you to read.

The federal government follows a new 3000 page Constitution, not the Constitution as written in 1787. This is allowed to happen and continues to happen because of our ignorance; see the previous paragraph.

I found THE "Overt Big Picture".

And also less obvious is the fact that Red has turned to Green. i.e. Communism is now being implemented as the Green Movement/Climate Change.

But the greatest deception of all is THEY teach us that we die. Our souls/spirits are eternal. We are just here having a human experience. This deception enables them to control us.

How did We Lose our Country?

Their Socialist policies are promoted by big business, international finance, many politicians and socialists who have infiltrated our political process. They all want the same result: a world "They" control. Their world is one in which each of us is expected, not only to conform to, but to underwrite and support "Their" agenda, with our labor and our wealth. And for some strange reasons; Americans have stepped up to the plate and supported it all. Read more abouthow they did it!

The Final Outcome unless We the People Stand Up

The final outcome so far is "The Lie We Live". We have been Duped! We know what the Problems Are! But Most are arguing to change the Consensus Reality that Enslaves us; rather than trying to free ourselves from the Enslavement. I imagine it'd be fun to experience being human without the Consensus Reality programing. TheEnslavement is by the corruption of Money, Politics and Education.

What you believe or want, does not matter to "Them", i.e. your elected representatives. They think they are Elite.That has become very obvious. They just want you to believe in something, be a part of the Consensus Reality, be in a state of Wilful Blindness, (occupyingyour time with sports, movies, drugs, etc). They know better what is right for you.In fact after 9/11 "George W Bush told us to go shopping". Not exactly a call to duty! Anyway, They want You trapped in your little world and not interfering with THEIR affairs. In other words; Your Vote/View/Needs does not matter to THEM!

The Basic Solutions

Freedom is what made the USA great.

But now, let me point out the obvious places we have not understood. Things you have been duped by.

  • 1. First off, to save this country "We the People" must realize that we have been programed to be something other than good Americans. Our education in the Civics to maintain this country has been dismal at best. The following is the very basic Civics you should know; the Philosophy and Purpose of the US government.

The Philosophy of our U.S. Government -- We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

The Purpose of U.S. Government -To secure our God/Nature given rights.

The only way that the US Constitution, the rule of law has teeth, is if We the People give it teeth. Thomas Jefferson said ignorance and freedom cannot coexist. How can you defend freedom if you don't know what it is and how can you defend the US Constitution if you don't know what it is!

Equality, Is it something you really want? Do you want Free Stuff or Freedom. You can only pick one.
and this by Bill Norton.
The battle that is being fought here is against Civic Ignorance. We the People need a massive re-education in the Civics that made this country great.

  • 2. 911 and many other False Flags have been used to steer your thoughts so THEY could do what THEY want, i.e. wars. THEY tricked you into believing in THEIR ambitions.
  • 3. The race issue based on skin color is a deeply emotional one among many, that has caused unimaginable separation and was used very craftily to position large groups of people against each other. This is a wake-up call to all those who believe they are free because of race or class or wealth. We have all been denied freedom and dignity, trapped in a life of servitude to the banking families and their economic stranglehold on our planet - no matter what color our skin may be. This from How The Elite Stay In Power.
  • 4. And another obvious fix you are trapped in is; "THEY have us divided with their constant Left/Right propaganda."The Left/Right propaganda has become some folk's religion replacing God the based religions of the world which THEY have deemed as phony.
  • 5. Nullification - Most have absolutely no idea of what this is, because THEY want you to forget about it. Very basically it the fact the Sheriffs of the United States are the most powerful Law enforcement people you know; If they stand for the Constitution.
  • 6. And this: We the People can change our Government directly! The procedure is called Article V (Convention of the States). It has been there all along. Just something else THEY wanted us to forget about. But, of course, changing the Constitution Now is worthless, as THEY are just making up the rules as THEY go.

Just Quit Co-operating

It is man-made law that needs us to exist, it cannot continue without us. It needs us to agree to acknowledge it and abide by it, but there is in fact no natural thing, no natural obligation for any humans to obey any man-made laws. This statement via The Law at wariscrime.com.

Ammon Bundy - Do NOT Comply with Unlawful governments

No violence needed. but also realize that Silence is Consent!

And quoting Martin Luther King

The limitation of riots, moral questions aside,

is that they cannot win and their participants know it.

Hence, rioting is not revolutionary

but reactionary because it invites defeat.

It involves an emotional catharsis,

but it must be followed by a sense of futility.

Or We could move into a different type of Social/Economic system. Say, Peter Joseph's Zeitgeist System or Contributionism. It would not be capitalism! Any thing without money may be a good choice. Except, how do we change over?

You should remember what the real issues are! The issues we all have. The issues that are common to both Liberal and Conservatives. The issues We can come together on!

  • Personal Responsibility - Do you want to be told what to do?
  • Government should have to follow the rules.
  • People should be able to keep their earnings.

The Philosophy of this Website

Everything written in this website is written to destroy the ideas of the present culture and law (Consensus Reality). It all has been put in place to enslave you. The lesson of this website is simple: nothing on earth is more valuable than you and your importance to It and the Universe.

Dealing with the details of what's wrong in America is very complicated. The ProblemsPersist because there is not a General Up-Roar about anything from the population! Up-Roar? Most folks that read newspapers and watch TV don't even have a clue that something is wrong.

Ok, so this website is a Esoteric BIG Picture Story (Philosophical, Science and History)!Don't fall for the first thing you agree with. Go on, with further knowledge you may decide it is wrong. And there is so much more to know. This website is more than 400 pages, and 500 videos, Why such a big website, which I am sure is only the tip of the iceberg of known knowledge! Have fun exploring these subjects that I deem important!

Oh, and you have probably noticed the simple design; a horizontal menu with a left menu for each horizontal button. The purpose of the website is to serve up information. If the item in the left menu has a "+" in front of it; it means there is a sub-menu beneath it.

If this is no "read more at" link after an article, or some indication of who did it; then I wrote it.



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